Cumulus is a multidisciplinary work in progress about time, aging and the accumulation of memories, made in collaboration with video artist Maria Antelman and composer/musician Jon Gibson. Cumulus premiered at The Flea, New York City in 2004.

Et Toi?

Et toi? (2003) offers a glimpse into a secret world of sensuality and solitude. This dance film, rendered through revealing snap shots, is charged with anticipation, uncertainty, sweat and unease.

Seven Sins

Seven Sins (2003) examines the relationship of the deadly sins to our everyday life.  Each sin, caught in a succession of freeze frame portraits, is explored in a unique location, such as an office, a seedy hotel, a restroom, a city street…a war museum.

Too Close for Conversation

Filmed and edited in Los Angeles, Too Close received its premiere at the Manchester Film Festival in 2002. A single entity floats weightless in womblike darkness. Tension builds, pulling flesh apart, dividing, until two bodies emerge: a man and a woman.  What follows is their struggle to coexist. 


Three works for five dancers, inspired by the “Seven Deadly Sins.” Prism premiered in 2002 at Joyce Soho, New York City.


A young woman’s struggle to avoid crushing tomatoes and setting off alarm clocks strewn throughout the stage. Her garments become stained with red juice at each misstep. Exissenssuellle premiered as an evening length work at La Venue in Los Angeles in 1994. It has since been recreated with new choreography and music and opened in 2001 at Joyce SoHo, New York City.


A duet for three dancers, inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s film Persona. One woman occupies the foreground, and the other, the background. Each works with her own unique expressions and timing, reflecting the dual nature of a sole character. Duelle premiered in 2001 at The Flea Theater, New York City.


Filmed in the south of France, Stir (2000) received its world premiere at the Electric Lodge in Los Angeles. A woman revisits her long abandoned villa, and is transported back through emotions once lived. Following a vision of herself, she wanders from floor to floor. In each room, an aspect of her psyche, a memory, a dream, is revealed.

Stalling Into Elation

A mixed media solo, constructed as a series of portraits of emotional milestones. A dancer journeys through subconscious space. Memories wash over her, and she paints them into the air with her body. Stalling premiered in 1998 at Danspace Project, New York City.

Three Lives and Something

Four lanes separate the dancers’ movements, derived from everyday activities. Throughout the piece, the dancers move back and forth in the parallel lanes of their physically separated, yet thematically connected, lives. Three Lives premiered in 1998 at Danspace Project, New York City.