Elation Series

A journey, solitary, yet universal. Inner Elation premiered at Basilica, Hudson, NY in July 2012. Elation III was performed at The Flea Theater in October 2014.


Architecture and set pieces become both a playground and a hiding place; boundaries can be deceiving and chains don’t always bind. Glee premiered at Danspace Project, New York City in May 2009.

Times Two

Sometimes we must disconnect our minds from what we know is real to connect with one another, leaving behind the world of logic to grasp a new unknown reality. A sister is compelled to enter a realm of movement, live music and imagery to create a vocabulary to understand her brother’s schizophrenia. Times Two premiered at Mabou Mines’ Toronada Theater at PS 122, New York City in February 2009.


This work presents a world that is both lonely and crowded, solitary and entangled – a place where individuals and groups can stand out or be absorbed by a crowd as they navigate an encroaching audience. Minority premiered at The Flea Theater, New York City in May 2008 with support from New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

Constraints I and III

These two pieces address the expectations and pressures women face within their interpersonal and greater social relationships. Constraints I premiered at Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church, New York City in June 2006. Constraints III premiered at The Flea Theater, New York City in June 2007.

Constraints II

Developed during an exciting one month residency at Tokyo’s Morishita Studio, Constraints II is the Japanese counterpart to Constraints I and III. Constraints II premiered at The Flea Theater, New York City in June 2007 with support from Asian Cultural Council and Saison Foundation.

That’s Me

That’s Me… is an evening-length multimedia work. It brings together four pieces, each of which can stand alone, but here are interwoven into a lush and textured world. That’s Me.. premiered at Danspace Project, New York City in 2009.

Violet Fire

Nina Winthrop choreographed this opera about the scientist/inventor Nikola Tesla. It was presented in October 2006 at the Howard Gilman Opera House as part of BAM’s 2006 Next WaveFestival and received its world premiere at the National Theater of Belgrade in July 2006.

Self Service

A solo focusing on the process of a woman’s self-discovery, culminating in her realization that serving others does not necessarily serve her. Self Service premiered at The Flea Theater, New York City in 2005.

Sixes and Sevens

others. Magnifying the unformed and confused images of reality that children struggle with, it utilizes humor and edginess to create a fluctuating social arena. I’m at Sixes and Sevens premiered at The Yard in August 2004.