Too Close for Conversation

Too Close for Conversation (2002) – 11 min 28 sec

Filmed and edited in Los Angeles, Too Close received its premiere at the Manchester Film Festival in 2002. A single entity floats weightless in womblike darkness. Tension builds, pulling flesh apart, dividing, until two bodies emerge: a man and a woman.  What follows is their struggle to coexist. Dancing their world into existence, their movement conversation reflects their relationship, a longing to communicate, their closeness and their separateness. In the end, it takes a leap of faith to find each other again. 

Filmmaker: Morleigh Steinberg;  Original music: Henry LeRoy Finch; Costumes: Roxanne Steinberg;  Dancers: Mark DeChiazza and Kristen Hollinsworth.

Nina Winthrop and Dancers “Too Close for Conversation” Photo by Roxanne Steinberg