• Et Toi?

    Et Toi?

    Et toi? (2003) offers a glimpse into a secret world of sensuality and solitude. This dance film, rendered through revealing snap shots, is charged with anticipation, uncertainty, sweat and unease.

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  • Seven Sins

    Seven Sins

    Seven Sins (2003) examines the relationship of the deadly sins to our everyday life.  Each sin, caught in a succession of freeze frame portraits, is explored in a unique location, such as an office, a seedy hotel, a restroom, a city street…a war museum.

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  • Too Close for Conversation

    Too Close for Conversation

    Filmed and edited in Los Angeles, Too Close received its premiere at the Manchester Film Festival in 2002. A single entity floats weightless in womblike darkness. Tension builds, pulling flesh apart, dividing, until two bodies emerge: a man and a woman.  What follows is their struggle to coexist. 

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  • Stir


    Filmed in the south of France, Stir (2000) received its world premiere at the Electric Lodge in Los Angeles. A woman revisits her long abandoned villa, and is transported back through emotions once lived. Following a vision of herself, she wanders from floor to floor. In each room, an aspect of her psyche, a memory, a dream,…

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